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are in charge of our security, as well as our onsite and offsite monitoring.

Our current access control systems and protocols have been implemented such that entry and exit control (of visitors, contractors, service providers etc.) is largely in our residents’ hands. This allows our security guards to focus on their primary purpose, security and other ad hoc. tasks. Via our estate’s online Visitor Register system, residents can personally accept responsibility by granting estate access to their home, using an easy to access and secure website that works on most devices connected to the internet (Mobile phones, laptops, PC’s and even TVs for example).

Domestics, gardeners, service provider and contractor employees can only gain access in and out the estate via pedestrian turnstiles equipped with biometric readers; requiring their fingerprints, photographs, contact details and proof of ID etc. pre-loaded via the Estate Office. A record is kept of all such entrance access control transactions.

Residents’ contact numbers are entered into the intercom system by the HOA staff to enable security to make direct contact for emergency purposes, or access control for deliveries only, since we maintain a strict ‘No Confirmation, No Entry’ protocol. This system works on an extension basis as residents’ contact numbers are confidential – e.g. to call 021 123 1234 the guard would enter a 3-digit extension number such as 345 and not have access to the residents private mobile or landline number.

In addition to 24/7 guarding, armed response (outsourced) and CCTV, the Estate is fully surrounded by IR beams, on top of electrified fencing, on top of brickwork walling or steel/palisade fencing, on top of a huge concrete anti-dig foundation. all designed to deter unauthorised access to the Estate insofar as possible. The estate is continually upgrading and improving its security infrastructure and technology to keep up-to-date with modern security trends and takes security very seriously.

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