Rules and Regulations for Contractors &

Service Providers

20km/hr Speed Limit
NO WALKING on Estate
No Hooting on the Estate

Blouberg Hills & Sandown Estate

Contractors & Service Provider’s – Code of Conduct / Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure integration between residential living and control over building activities within the Estate with minimal impact to the environment and residents. The agreement will be enforced by the Estate Office and allows fines to be imposed on the contractor where transgressions occur.

The contractors & service provider’s – code of conduct / agreement and other mandatory documentation must be signed and submitted to the Estate Office prior to the commencement of any building operations. Contractors are required to erect dark green shade cloth fencing/netting or a boundary wall to screen the site during the entire building process.

Important to remember

Additional Information

Please read through our Agreement / Code of Conduct, by which Contractors & Service Providers are bound to when entering our Estate!

Hours of Work

Contractors may only be present on the Estate during the following public work hours:

Weekdays: 08h00 to 17h00 – Estate to be vacated by 17h30.

Saturdays: 08h00 to 13h00 – Estate to be vacated by 13h30.

Sundays, Public & Builder’s Holidays: No work permitted.

Consequences for Breach of above work hours:

(i) Contractor/s will be escorted from the Estate.

(ii) In addition, the Contractor will be fined R500.00 per vehicle.

(iii) Should the offender refuse to comply with the instruction to immediately cease work and leave the Estate, an additional fine of R5000.00 per transgression shall be

No signage/advertising

Unless supplied by the HOA and/or approved in writing by the HOA in advance of installation or display, no signage or advertising is permitted on any plot, house, common or public property

Consequences for Breach of above rule:

(i) The Contractor will be instructed to remove any structures or storage facilities that do not conform to this regulation and may not continue/commence with building activities until this regulation has been complied with.

(ii) In addition the Contractor will be fined R500.00 per transgression per day.

Use of the streets

(i) The speed limit is 20km/hr.

(ii) Pedestrians enjoy precedence on our estate roads, i.e. vehicles must exercise caution and yield to all pedestrians.

(iii) The use of motorcycles, quad bikes, scramblers, motorised scooters, un-roadworthy and/or any vehicles with fluid leaks (eg. oil) or noisy exhaust systems are prohibited anywhere on the Estate.

(iv) Only ‘fixed axle’ vehicles/trucks are permitted access to the Estate (i.e. no horse and trailer), with max. 9.1m length from axle to axle.

(v) Hooting at the entrance/exit, or anywhere within the estate is strictly prohibited.

Consequences for Breach of above rule:

(i) Should a resident or a resident’s visitor, service provider etc. not comply with the above rules a fine of R250.00 per transgression may be imposed on the homeowner by the HOA and the transgressing visitor may be escorted from the Estate.

Exterior Paint works
PLEASE provide a 1x1m paint sample panel of all proposed external colours for approval before commencement of final coat and give Markus a shout to sign off when dry.

“Approved Paint Colours”

NO walking on the Estate

Personnel must be transported by vehicle to the relevant building sites and will not be allowed to walk from one site to another, or anywhere else on the estate, eg. parks etc.

Consequences for Breach of above rule:

(i) Any member of building contractor’s staff not adhering to this regulation will be removed from site.

(ii) In addition the Main Contractor will be fined R5000.00 per transgression.

Work Exceeding 6 days

To cover expenses in (amongst other things) the administration of construction processes, each site/property will be charged a levy per month payable to the HOA. The levy must be paid in advance. To cover unforeseen expenses (e.g. damages, unpaid fines etc) incurred by contractors etc. during the works, a Verge Deposit must also be paid on or before the 7th estate entry and/or day on site to ensure continued Estate access. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to contact the Estate Manager/Office timeously to arrange visits for Practical and <ultimately> Final Inspections (by for example comparison with HOA & CoCT approved drawings), because only once the HOA has issued a Completion Certificate will the monthly Contractor Levy cease, and the Verge Deposit be refunded.

Consequences for Breach of above rule:

(i) The Contractor will be denied access onto the Estate until such monthly payment has been made.

(ii) The property will remain on the Monthly Contractor Levy until the HOA has issued a Completion Certificate confirming full compliance with HOA & CoCT-approved drawings.

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