Big Bay Residential Estate HOA

Building Information

Obligation to Build

In order to reduce inconvenience to residents in the Estate, owners are required to complete all building/renovation/alteration works within 12 calendar months of commencement and/or delivery of materials to site. A penalty levy of four times the monthly homeowner levy is charged where this time period is exceeded.

Contractor’s Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure integration between residential living and control over building activities within the Estate with minimal impact to the environment and residents. The agreement will be enforced by the Estate Manager and allows fines to be imposed on the contractor where transgressions occur.

The contractor’s agreement and other mandatory documentation must be signed and submitted to the Estate Manager prior to the commencement of any building operations. Contractors are required to erect dark green shade cloth fencing/netting or a boundary wall to screen the site during the entire building process.

BBREHOA – Big Bay Residential Estate HOA

Banking Details

Nedbank – Current Account
Branch Code – 103109
Account Number – 1031387552
REF: Erf number

Plan Submission Procedure

Before building plans are submitted to Council they must first be approved by the BBREHOA. Drawings need to be submitted to the Estate Office at Blouberg Hills gatehouse, and all amounts are payable to the BBREHOA see banking details above.

Some of the requirements when submitting a plan to the HOA are as follows:

  • Verge Deposit – R5 000.00
  • Builders Levy – R700.00
  • Scrutiny Fee for Add’s & Alt’s – R600.00
  • HOA Clearance Certificate for Additions & Alterations – R600.00
  • Roof specification and colour
  • External wall colours
  • House coverage
  • First-floor coverage as a percentage of ground floor footprint, incl. garages, covered patios, stairwell, double volume etc, but excl. balconies.  Max. 65%.
  • Position of stormwater soakaways
  • Roof Plan incl. all roof ridge levels, on original survey/contour Site Plan.  Available from
  • Flat roof coverage percentage. Max 25% of coverage
  • Mean site level (MSL)
  • Sections dimensioned relative to MSL
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