Colour Palette

Bearing in mind that our precinct requires ‘sandy/natural colours’ in matt finish, pretty much anything in-between the lightest and darkest colours below should suffice, on condition colours used are consistent and complement one another, e.g. walls & plaster bands etc:

Fascias/Gutters/Roofs/Window & Door Frames/Shutters/Garage Doors/Gates/Palisade Fencing:
Dulux Pearlglo –
1. Gun Power, Base 9, Deep; or
2. Charcoal, Base 6, Deep.

All waterproofing on roofs + roof themselves have to be Charcoal grey (Not Dove grey).

External House and Boundary Walls:
Prominent Paints –
1. Woodside Cream – YSTR-10488;
2. Picasso E18-3 – YSTR-10967;
3. Picasso – YSTR-10741
4. Stoneware – YSTR-10985;
5. River Clay – YSTR-10608;
6. Beauty Stone;
7. Hollyhock – YSTR-09673;
8. Bournmouth Beige – YSTR-10917;
9. Burwell E15-4 – YSTR-09463;
10. Terais House – YSTR-09665;
11. Hemp 75% Darker – YSTR-10781;
12. Stonington Beige 2x Darker – YSTR-06877;
13. Stonington Beige 1x Darker.

By all means pop into the estate office to view the above-mentioned swatches, the last 2 of which are the estate gatehouse colours…

PLEASE provide a 1x1m paint sample panel of all proposed external colours for approval before commencement of final coat and give Markus a shout to sign off when dry.

Clear as mud?

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